Results with my patient are very, very good; we resolved with two treatments an epicondilitis that tormented the patient for 8 months (no results with radial shockwave and other therapies).
On shoulder pathologies Cellsonic reduced pain & improved mobility with one treatment. Inflammation disappeared at the same time (and in this period is a great result, believe me).

More Cures than a Bag of Pills

Dr Fabrizio Mosca, Ancona, Italy, August 2013. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
An eminent surgeon, Karim Bilal, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in England, has written a paper explaining that shockwaves can treat all wounds including skin cancer. No drugs are used so no side effects and no dangers from radiation as happens with most cancer treatments.
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After eight years in research and development a new hand held lithotripter is launched. What is new about it? It is cheaper because it is cleverly designed. Most of the components are British and final assembly is in India. It is better because it uses a spark gap to generate a shockwave in a liquid. This technique is called electro-hydraulic and creates the most sudden rise in decibels known to science. It is the suddenness and nothing else that is the most important feature of a lithotripter. For that reason, CellSonic Limited is not quoting energy levels and other strange numbers to give you a false impression. Quite simply, with this machine you can heal patients better and cheaper. Try it for yourself. If you are not using CellSonic you are either wasting money or failing your patients or both. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________