Cancer Cure

A month ago, the cancer experts in Australia told Graeme Close he was dying of cancer and his only way to live another 18 months was continue with chemotherapy. I advised his wife, Cathy, to take him to Professor Ramesh Chouhan in Hyderabad to be cured with a CellSonic VIPP machine. He is now totally cured. The post VIPP treatment report of the CTC (circulating tumour cells) test clearly states that "No tumour cells were detected".
The video is of a Celebration of Life yesterday with the hospital doctors all realising they were seeing a medical breakthrough. Actually, Graeme is about the hundredth cancer patient cured and so far the success rate is 100%.
No drugs were used on Graeme. He was in no pain. A vegetarian diet and meditation was prescribed and he and his wife, Cathy, appear to have had a holiday in India. You will see that they are wearing Indian clothes in appreciation of the love and care they have received.

We are deliberately reporting little about our progress on cancer at this stage other than to confirm that there are no side effects.
This is an important breakthrough involving universities in England and India.

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