CellSonic AG of Switzerland makes a range of machines for curing disease. The CellSonic machine is a lithotripter that will heal difficult non-healing wounds which it does by killing the infection and provoking the body's immune system into action. It is a powerful machine to be used only by a trained operator. There is a need for a simpler, more gentle machine that requires minimal training and for this market we have made CellSploder. As its name almost suggests, it explodes the cells of germs.


CellSploder is a simple, safe machine. It is protected by fuses so if it fails to work then check the fuses. See the maintenance section for instructions on how to do this.

Keep the machine clean as you would any other medical device. Do not allow any liquid to get inside.

For any problems, contact the company you bought it from. It is covered by guarantee for 12 months from date of purchase.


Used as instructed, it is impossible to do any thing dangerous with this machine. Be sensible. It uses mains voltage so keep it away from water. Follow the instructions for attaching the cables. If it does not work, do not hit it.

Do not aim at the eyes. Do not push the tips into the body. They work by being slightly away from the body, about 5 mm.

Treat for as long as instructed. If you exceed the treatment time there is no harm done. That is why we class this as a safe machine.


This is about when not to use the machine. Do not aim at the eyes. If the patient has a pacemaker or is epileptic proceed very carefully. It is unlikely that CellSploder will cause a problem because it works only on the skin but we can not be sure. Be sensible and if you have any doubt just call a doctor. Every person is different and these basic instructions can not foresee every possibility.

Pregnancy is always classed as a contra-indication. However, if your toes are being treated it is unlikely to affect your womb but don't take our word for it; check with your doctor or midwife. As with all things medical, proceed with caution.

A slight amount of ozone and oxide of nitrogen is given off by the action of CellSploder. Asthmatics and others with breathing or chest ailments could be affected. Make sure there is adequate ventilation and be alert for any difficulties with your patient. We don't think there will be. This is a safe and simple machine but it is still a medical machine and it is our responsibility to warn you. If in any doubt, always check with the company who sold you the machine.

Preparing for treatment

Clean the area to be treated. If it is a verruca, rub it down with abrasive as much as possible to allow the negative ions from the tips of the CellSploder to get to the infected area and burst and kill the papillomavirus. For athlete's foot (Tinea Pedis), wash the feet and have clean socks and shoes ready to wear after treatment so that you are not re-infected. The germs will still be in the socks and shoes you have taken off. CellSploder will not remove germs from the shoes. We have another system for disinfecting shoes. Overall, 70% of the population has athlete's foot at some time in their lives. The waves from CellSploder will kill the Trichophyton fungus. Nails affected by fungus must be rubbed down with abrasive before treatment.

The CellSploder is very effective at stopping dental decay. Remove the soft part of the tooth and wash and dry it before treatment.

Duration of treatment

The rules are: move the tips slowly, don't touch the skin, hold the tip just off the skin


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