The CLL150 LED Light Source is a direct replacement to the conventional 300W Xenon Light Source. The state-of-the-art light source provides perfect illumination for all endoscopic specialties. Intuitive operation makes the CLL150 Light Source easy to use. The high performance digital control ensures smooth and precise illumination control over the entire range. Advanced LED Lamp technology and optics deliver a bright and balanced illumination physicians and surgeons demand. Excellent engineering, efficient design, and outstanding performance - the qualities you expect from the leader in endoscopic imaging.

Portable LED Light Source For Endoscopies

Salient Features

  • LED life of about 55,000 hours
  • Perfect Optical Collimator for getting maximum light.
  • Intensity can be varied as per the requirement through Electronic Control.
  • Ideally suited for all Endoscopic procedures including Laparoscopy.
  • In-built Filter.
  • Bright Light for Video applications.
  • High Colour Rendering Index
  • Cool white light. Colour temperature in between 5000º to 6400º
  • Compact & Light Weight.
  • Easy interchangeable Storz & Wolf compatible adaptors
  • Adjustable Light Cable Adaptor. Accepts 3 to 10mm cable
  • State-of-the-art Electronic Circuit increases efficiency
  • No Ultra Violet or Infra Red emission


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