Digital CO2 Insufflator For Laproscopy

digiCARB-4 Console

Salient Features

  • Advanced High Speed Microprocessor Circuitry allows for superior accuracy and performance in delivery and measurement of CO2.
  • The unique control algorithm stabilizes the pneumoperitonium even at a high leakage rate.
  • Assures rapid delivery of gas and provide immediate response for all procedures, especially when suction occurs.
  • Inexpensive Temperature Controlled Gas Warmer (optional) reduces chill effect of high flow insufflation and lessens telescope fogging.
  • Double Safety for Patient : Hardware and Software Controlled to avoid overpressure above 50mmHg.
  • High Gas flow rate with precise electronic regulation.
  • "Soft Flow-in" and "Soft Flow-out" Control prevents excess intra-abdominal pressure.
  • Display for Gas Consumption.
  • Separate Digital Displays for Real-time values and Set values of Pressure and Flow Rate.
  • Availability in two different models with 1 to 20 ltr/min and 1 to 30 ltr/min Flow Rate.
  • Pressure adj. from 1 to 20 mmHg.
  • Empty Cylinder Indication.
  • Accidental Open Outlet indication.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Compact Light Weight.


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