Erectile Dysfunction

Of all medical problems, having difficulty getting and holding an erection can be the most embarrassing of all and men are much more reluctant to talk about personal problems than women so that makes it more difficult to give help. The penis is unique. Nothing else like it is found elsewhere in a man and not at all in a woman. The erection happens by blood filling the cells of the penis like air expanding a balloon. If the passage ways for the blood are blocked or broken the blood cannot get in and the penis stays limp.
You must see a doctor and tell him or her everything. The problem you have is not unusual. If the diagnosis is that there is an obstruction in the penis, treatments with the CellSonic VIPP Medical machine can help and most likely cure the problem. The CellSonic VIPP Medical generates sudden bursts of sound that are pressure pulses that shoot forward and can break up a calcification or plaque. It also tells the body's immune system to repair damaged veins and arteries with angiogenesis which is the growth of new blood vessels. All this is done without drugs or anaesthetic so there are no side effects.
You, the patient, know your penis and may have a good idea where the problem is. If it is in one place then at that place the protocol is to shoot 300 pulses at energy level one, the lowest setting, with a shock head focussed at 5 mm. This is especially designed for this purpose. If there are other areas in the penis where the blockages may be they too can be given pulses to a maximum of 1500 over all the penis at one time. The pulses are 4 a second so it only takes a few minutes.
The easiest way to perform the operation is for the patient to stand and do the treatment himself. Let him feel what a VIPP pulse is by hitting his finger with one or two pulses and it will hurt so he knows this is a capable physical effect. The only nerves in the penis are on the end. Along the shaft of the penis are no nerves so no pain will be felt. Let the patient hold the shock head in one hand and his penis in the other. The doctor will supervise. Apply ultrasound gel between the penis and the membrane of the shockhead so that the pulses are conducted through into the penis. After the first few pulses it will be obvious how easy and painless is the treatment. The machine can be set to stop after 300 shocks so there is no risk of doing too many. Let the pulses hit the suspected area from all sides; keep the shock head moving, not fixed on one spot. We have found that the patient will prefer this way of doing the treatment. Be sure to also aim at the root of the penis where it adjoins the body.
The treatment should be repeated once a week for nine weeks. New cells will be growing and continue to do so for up to a year after treatment so the condition will continually improve. No drugs are required. Exercise a lot, never smoke, try not to drink alcohol and never take narcotic drugs.
Energy level    1
Shock head    5 mm (the infinity head has also been used successfully)
Number of shocks   300 to each site, maximum 1500 on all the penis in one treatment.
Number of treatments   9 at weekly intervals

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