Lithosplit - 4.1 Digital

Intra Corporeal Pneumatic Lithtripsy System

URS, PCNL & Bladder stone live cases with LITHOSPLIT

Salient Features

  • No thermal injury to tissue.
  • Runs on any of the sources, Oxygen Cylinder, Central Oxygen Supply or compresser.
  • Easy to assemble and operate.
  • Frequencies of Impacts.
  • Power adjustment.
  • Light-weight LITHOSPLIT Super Hand Piece.
  • Hand Piece parts having superior finish.
  • Long Lasting Probes.
  • Demonstration Video CD.
  • Ultra High Speed Microprocessor.
  • Unique Foot Switch Fault Detection system.
  • Full Digital System.
  • Extra Power for superfast disintegration.
  • Feather Touch Keys.
  • Fuzzy Logic for Improved Energy Control.
  • Portable, Light Weight system.
  • Free Carrying Case .


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