CellSonic can heal and cure problems in the mouth that are impossible by other means. However, only qualified people should use CellSonic VIPP on the mouth because the pulses could damage the eyes, ears and brain if not handled carefully.

Jaw Bone Repair

Dr Joseph Choukroun in Nice in France discovered that CellSonic VIPP heals osteonecrosis of the mandible and is the only cure. Other doctors have followed, notably Dr.Med.dr.Dent.Shahram Ghanaati at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt in Germany.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease is said to affect half the population. Dentists give hygiene treatments with limited success and are very worried about their struggle to prevent the disease affecting the growing number of dental implants. Choukroun's work confirms that CellSonic VIPP kills the infection under the teeth and inside the gum. No anti-biotics are used, it is safe, non-invasive and there are no side effects. The pulses are aimed through the cheek at the gum. Have the side of the mouth filled with water to conduct the pulses. Contact us to discuss the protocol.

A few years ago, a patient in pain from a disintegrating jaw bone asked Dr Choukroun in Nice in France for help. He used his CellSonic medical machine and was delighted to find after a few treatments that not only had the pain gone but he had also found a cure for osteonecrosis of the mandible. Ten years of a cancer drug had left the patient with a terrifying choice of an amputation or death. Instead she got a new mouth with teeth implanted in bone that she grew herself thanks to CellSonic killing infection and forming osteoblasts.

The amazing ability of CellSonic pulses to heal without drugs and side effects opens up simpler opportunities for dentists, they can treat periodontal disease.

It is said that half a population has diseased teeth and gums. More worrying is the problem that affects implanted teeth where infection occupies a gap between the bone, the implant and the gum. I asked the dentist who gave me an implant and he said periodontal disease is a problem dentists hate to admit they cannot cure. A person who brushes regularly and has text book oral hygiene can still have periodontal disease and then he sees a scruffy person who has never used a toothbrush in their life and they have no infection. He could not explain the phenomenon. Nevertheless, there can be no excuse for lack of hygiene in the mouth:

Anti-biotics, scraping and poking into the gums helps but is inadequate. Fortunately CellSonic penetrates, kills infection, promotes bone growth, is easy to treat and has no side effects. The evidence is in Choukroun's paper. The killing of infection is well explained in the healing of non-healing wounds.

Do not overdo it. Aim through the cheek to a water filled side of the mouth, with gel on the outside of the cheek giving 50 shocks per tooth at energy level 4. Move the shock head along the line of the gum to send the pulses in at differing angles. We have had reports of this being done on tooth ache and stopping the pain by killing the deep rooted infection that had caused the pain.
Avoid the ears and eyes.


In India the most prevalent cancer is mouth cancer caused by chewing tobacco. If the tumour is in the cheeks it can be hit through the cheek from outside. If it is in the roof of the mouth it will be difficult for the present configuration of the CellSonic VIPP and will need a development we are working on. Meanwhile, avoid chewing tobacco.

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Jaw Bone Repair

Dr Joseph Choukroun en Niza en Francia descubrió que CellSonic VIPP cura la osteonecrosis de la mandíbula y es la única cura. Otros médicos han seguido, notablemente el Dr. Med. Dr. Dent. Shahram Ghanaati en la Universidad Johann Wolfgang Goethe de Frankfurt en Alemania.

Periodontal Disease

Se dice que la enfermedad periodontal afecta a la mitad de la población. Los dentistas dan tratamientos de higiene con éxito limitado y están muy preocupados por su lucha para prevenir la enfermedad que afecta el creciente número de implantes dentales. El trabajo de Choukroun confirma que CellSonic VIPP mata la infección bajo los dientes y dentro de la encía. No se utilizan antibióticos, es seguro, no invasivo y no hay efectos secundarios. Los pulsos se dirigen a través de la mejilla en la encía. Tenga el lado de la boca lleno de agua para conducir los pulsos. Contáctenos para discutir el protocolo.

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