Bones, joints and muscles used to be looked after in medicine by different departments. With CellSonic the divisions of orthopaedic, physiotherapy and sports medicine overlap. The CellSonic VIPP machine heals a non-union fracture, repairs aching joints, enhances muscle power and repairs nerves.

Given the fact that exercise is essential protection against cancer and diabetes, if the body's ability to move fails then multiple diseases takeover.

A sedentary patient can suffer pressure sores. These can be healed by CellSonic VIPP. Equally as important, they can be prevented by treating the area every two days to maintain good blood flow and skin sensitivity. The fast pulses will kill any infection.

At the other extreme, an athlete may suffer damage from over exertion. Usually this occurs in joints. The VIPP action of CellSonic aimed at the painful area triggers the immune system to repair nerves and regenerate tissue.

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