Pain Removal

There are only two ways to deal with pain, remove its cause or mask it. Unfortunately masking pain is what is usually done because it is easy. It is also useless.

CellSonic can remove the cause of pain. The intense pressure pulses repair nerves and regenerate new tissues. At the Open Day of a new CellSonic Clinic in Cyprus, visitors flocked in with a promise of a free treatment on the first day and they all had painful knees and backs. It seems that most people have lower back pain. A ten minute treatment with CellSonic usually cures them. The report we got was, "They came in bent and went out straight."

Before arm cannot move

After 15 min

Pain is a message. Nerves are communication channels between the brain and all parts of the body. For the immune system to jump into action the brain has to receive a message and that message is pain. If a pain blocking pill prevents the immune system receiving the call for help, there will be no cure.

Twenty years ago, our three standard treatments were tennis elbow, calcified shoulder and heel spur. CellSonic usually achieves a cure with one treatment. This became the preferred tool for sports medicine and physiotherapists. Now, the leading physios apply CellSonic first on any painful area from the feet to the neck. The improvement is fast and no drugs are used so there are no side effects. It led to the discovery of muscle enhancement both for invalids and athletes. The pulses penetrate deep into a joint or muscle and stimulate regeneration.

Tooth ache is often not an ache but agonising pain. The usual cause is infection under the tooth deep in the gum. CellSonic VIPP aimed at the infection kills it and removes the cause of the pain. That is better than removing the tooth. It was when Dr Choukroun was trying to relieve the pain of a disintegrating jaw bone that he discovered he was not only removing the pain but also regenerating new bone.

Dupuytren's contracture is a tightening of the palmar fascia in the hand. CellSonic can cause a cure. More than one treatment may be needed. This is far better than surgery or cancer causing radiation.

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