Peyronie's Disease is often known as bent knob and is a development of plaque in the penis which makes erection difficult and painful and intercourse unsatisfactory and maybe impossible. It is not a sexual disease and is not infectious. There has never been an acceptable cure and the best that has been achieved is surgery to straighten the bend. The use of a scalpel on the penis and the fact that the pain can persist has left most sufferers prepared to try to tolerate their condition.
In the last few years a cure has been found by treating the plaque with pressure pulses. The CellSonic VIPP machine sends from 500 to 1000 pulses into the penis and no anaesthetic is needed. The whole procedure takes less than ten minutes and the patient does it himself supervised by the doctor. There are no side effects.
Studies have shown that over 80% of patients treated have been freed from pain. Sometimes a second treatment a few weeks later is useful to bring about a complete cure.
The cause of the disease is uncertain and cannot be blamed on diet, sexual activity be it too much or too little, exercise, smoking or anything else that could be called wrong. After being cured by the CellSonic, a man will be no more likely to get a recurrence of the disease than another man who has never had it. It would seem to be a rare disease and the true amount of suffering is unknown presumably because men are too embarrassed to talk about it and even if they are and are then told that they must have surgery they will then stop talking for sure and suffer in silence. That pitiful situation can now end. All it takes is ten minutes CellSonic treatment.

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